Thursday, October 16, 2008

An ode to birthday clubs

Oh how I love birthday clubs. I seriously look forward to the week before my birthday almost more than my actual birthday because that's when all my birthday club freebies begin to populate my inbox. Most freebies are sent out a week before your birthday and expire a week after, so you've got a two week birthday celebration to look forward to. It's like the gift that keeps on giving. Here's what I've used so far:
  • Free burger or sandwich at Red Robin - We used this last Friday. I ordered the Crispy Chicken Burger because it's my favorite, and after the coupon we only had to pay for Kory's Guacamole Bacon Burger. Score! I must say that I've also become quite obsessed with their bottomless steak fries and BBQ-based fry sauce. So good!
  • Free entree at Noodles & Co. - We used this tonight. You get a buy one get one free (BOGOF) coupon just for signing up, so I recommend doing what we did and have your spouse sign up the week of your birthday so you can use that along with your birthday coupon (since it's one coupon per person) and you'll end up getting 3 meals for the price of one! I ordered the Pennè Rosa with Parmesan-crusted chicken (the free meal includes an add-on!), Kory ordered a huge bowl of chicken noodle soup, and we ordered some awesome Wisconsin mac 'n' cheese for Maggie (well, and us). We got all this for under $6 and we even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
  • Free Like-it Create Your Own creation at Coldstone - We used this tonight as well. I ordered up some chocolate cake batter ice cream with Reese's Pieces mixed in. YUM! This is without a doubt my new favorite flavor combination! We were so full from dinner that we all just shared this, which means our entire night cost us less than $6. :)
And here's what I have to look forward to this coming week:
  • Free dessert at Biaggi's
  • Free meal at Rubio's
  • Free cream slush at Sonic
  • Free ice cream cone at Baskin-Robbins
  • BOGOF Orange Julius
  • BOGOF DQ Blizzard
Kory and I both love to go out to eat, but we usually only go if we have a coupon because it can add up fast. These are some great coupons that you don't usually see during any other time of the year. If you want to sign up for some of these and/or other birthday freebies, click here for a very comprehensive list. Nothing makes me more happy than eating great food and getting a great deal on it. It's like the best birthday present ever!


Lovely Lizzy said...

This is fantastic. I hope that I can get some time to sign up and get all the deals for my birthday, that's sweet. Thanks.

April said...

Thanks for the tip! We are like you and rarely eat out without a coupon.

Becky said...

I LOVE birthday freebies! They are the best! I'll have to go sign up for a few more, thanks for the tips. And Happy Birthday Week!

Kaelene said...

Hey Carlee, Happy late Birthday I hope it's ok to comment I found your blog from the family one. How did you get free ice cream from cold stone? We have a few up here in Oregon.

Megan said...

A 2 week birthday involving cheap food that tastes delicious? Could like get any better? I submit that it can not!

We are the same way with eating out - usually a coupon is involved. I look forward to my Coldstone coupon the most. After seeing your list I think I need to sign up for a few more. Thanks for the info!