Monday, September 29, 2008

Command Strips by 3M

Have you ever tried the Command Strips by 3M? If not, you need to. They have now earned a solid spot on my list of best inventions ever. Kory and I had wanted to install hooks on our closet and bathroom doors to hang towels on for several months, but we could just never seem to get around to doing it. It's one of those things you put off because you know you're gonna have to get all your tools out and drill into the doors and then make sure everything's level, etc. So a few weeks ago Kory finally went to the store to get some hooks and he came home with some Command Strips. I was skeptical at first, but after he put one up I was instantly sold. No drilling, no screws, no leveling...nothing! These were so easy to put up and the best part about them is that if you decide you don't like them anymore or if you want to move them, you just have to pull the adhesive strip and they come off without any effort. And you can use the same hooks over and over again by just applying a new adhesive strips (every pack comes with extra adhesive strips or you can just buy the replacement strips).

We have only tried the hooks, but 3M also makes picture hanging strips, along with many other products that use the same adhesive strips. Do you know what this means people? No more holes in your walls! No more debating whether or not you should hang something and risk having an unnecessary hole in your wall. If you have a decoration you want to hang up for Christmas or if you want to hang a wreath on your front door, holes are no longer required. Simply hang the decoration on one of these hooks and then when you put the decoration away, you can take the hook down without leaving a mark. They're just amazing! Go here to see all the different products these strips are used on. And if you want to give the picture hanging strips a try, click here to print a $1.00 off coupon.


Ryan said...

Yeah, those are nice, but an adhesive strip will never take the place of a good grabber screw. I don't know that I would trust an adhesive strip to hold a nicely framed picture. But they do have their uses and they are a good invention.

Ben and Melissa Ellis said...

Oh we love these. I agree with Ryan that they have their place. We use them for coats in the closet and for towells but I don't think I would trust a nice heavy picture to them. I used them a lot in my dorm cause you couldn't make holes in the wall. I do think that they don't come off the cleanest sometimes. They will take off paint if you don't take them off right and are impatient like I am.

Carlee Hoopes said...

Hey thanks for your comments! That's good to know about the paint. I have had to pull them off the doors and they haven't taken off paint, but I can see how if you aren't careful on a wall they could take off paint. And, you're right, smaller pictures, yes. Bigger pictures, no. But, for a quick towel hang-up, they're great!

Megan said...

Sadly I have bought these to hand some stuff and they are still sitting in our tool box. I had heard they were great, but I am even so lazy that opening a package somehow became too difficult. Wow. That is sad.

On another note. I bought Nathan's hot dogs today at Walmart. It is on our meal plan for this week. Saweet! I am excited.