Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ode to Subway

Dear Subway,

Thank you for being bold enough to lower the price of your Footlongs to $5 for a time, and for offering a $2.99 Daily Special. Even though I don't care for the Footlongs that you decided to keep on your $5 list permanently, your actions have brought sub prices down all around town. Hogi Yogi, Blimpie, and Quiznos are all offering $5 subs now as well in an effort to keep up with the competition. And that makes me feel good inside. I love sandwiches, but for a very long time, the prices were too outrageous for me to feel comfortable splurging on one. But Subway, you did the right thing. You've kept things in check and allowed those of us who couldn't fathom paying $8 for a sub to once again regain a long lost love.

Let it be known, Subway, that despite the fact that I am giddy inside and out that the blessed sandwich prices around town are dropping in an economy where everything else seems to be increasing in price, I will still do my best to support you. I will continue to ask for Subway giftcards for my birthday and Christmas in an effort to continue ordering my sandwiches from you. Because I have tried all the rest, but your subs really are the best. I love that I can order whatever I want on my sub instead of having to pick the sub that most closely represents what I like on a sandwich. The anticipation of creating my own sub just about kills me. Where else can I get a turkey sub with provolone cheese, lettuce, pickles, cucumbers, ranch dressing, mustard, salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar on it? You guessed it. Nowhere. No other sub shop allows me this amount of customization. And for that, you will always hold a special place in my heart.


(Cassi, wow, that was rejuvinating. I love being able to sing praises directly to the things I love. Thank you for introducing me to "the letter" style.)


Becky said...

I am craving a sandwich SOOOOOOO much right now!!

Cassi and Chadd said...

Dear Carlee:
The letter format rocks and I am glad you like it as well! It is very therapeutic.

Dear Subway:
Thank you for keeping your chicken breast sandwich a "five dollar foot long" special. I just add sweet onion teriyaki sauce and it's like I'm having the sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich. I also dig your commercials.

Lovely Lizzy said...

I can entirely agree with the praise to Subway. I don't get to go there a ton because Neil is a Quizno's guy. But when I can convince him to go, it's super fantastic.
Oh and should the sub you created be on the Subway $5 list and you ever want to go and split one, it sounds exactly like the one I would create.

Megan said...

So true. So true. $5 subs for life. Love that I get what I wants and I actuall AHVE veggie shoices. Quiznos has no veggies...maybe I should write a letter to them :)