Sunday, October 26, 2008

No worries, Omaha Steaks just lies!

I checked my inbox this morning to find the following e-mail from Omaha Steaks:

The email you recently received from us indicating 12 FREE burgers are on the way was sent to you in error. When placing your Omaha Steaks order, a special offer for a free item was combined with a Geico $25 reward gift card. As stated in all Omaha Steaks’ promotions for free items, offers cannot be combined. As you know from the email you received from Omaha Steaks earlier in the week, your order was shipped without the free burgers.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Ok, I don't care how much I like my burgers, I will never order from Omaha Steaks again. I am honestly appalled at how poor their business seems to be run. I mean, telling me I'm not going to receive the 12 free burgers that were clearly listed on my final invoice is one thing. But then to tell me that they've shipped when they clearly hadn't is another. Does Omaha Steaks just send out bogus e-mails to people telling them their orders have shipped when they really haven't? Do they make a point to lie to their customers? It certainly appears that way to me. It seems to me that if they messed up and lied about sending a shipment of burgers that they actually hadn't, they should have an obligation to send those out, regardless of whether they intended to or not. It's just good business sense. Also, it sounds like Omaha Steaks needs to re-consider the promotions they decide to offer and make sure their online order system is prepared for those promotions. Because as it stands, this seems to be a promotion gone completely wrong and consequently turned many future customers away.

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April said...

I never got the email telling me that the free one's would not be included. However, on my "shipped" e-mail it did not list them. I am going to call their customer service when I receive my order. That is totally lame!