Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Smokin' Omaha Steaks Deal

I just ordered 5.5 lbs. (20 burgers) of ground steak from Omaha Steaks for $1.98 (including shipping!). And the best part about it is that it will be delivered right to my door!

Click here for instructions. It was so easy. It seriously took me less than 10 minutes.

I have seen advertisements from Omaha Steaks in the past and have always wanted to give them a try. The idea of having my meat shipped directly to my door intrigues me, but the slightly higher cost of the meat and the shipping expenses have always kept me from trying it out. Perhaps the meat is just really good! And with a good deal like this, I finally get to see how much I like it without having to pay the shipping expenses that have always kept me from even considering it in the past.

UPDATE (10/22/08): My sister tried this today and got a completely different gift card from Geico. Hers was for something like $20 off any purchase of $100. I'm assuming Geico was inundated with people trying to get this deal so they changed their offer. Dang. Anyway, try it out and if you get different results, let me know.


April said...

Thanks Carlee! Great deal. I had to keep trying the link to get the giftcard number a few times but it finally worked and gave me a number.

Michelle said...

I had to try the link a few times as well to get the right offer but it worked.