Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I'm totally diggin' this pair of Crocs.

And this pair.

I think they're both very cute, and I'm certain they're quite comfortable, which to me usually trumps cuteness...even though I'm told to always put beauty before comfort. Well these would allow me to have both!

Unfortunately, Crocs have always seemed pretty pricey to me. Both of these go for about $50. I've never spent $50 on a pair of shoes in my life! Well, I think I owned a few pair of Dr. Marten's back in the day, but I didn't buy those so it doesn't count. I bought a pair of imitation skinny Crocs (still don't care for the big bulky kind) at Wal-Mart for $8 a few months ago and I love them. I really want a pair of these though. If anybody finds a sale on either pair anytime soon, please, please, please let me know! I guess until then I will just have to wait for an imitation version to hit the stores, because $50 for Crocs seems outlandish to me. Does it to you? If not, help me find a way to justify them.


Stacy said...

I have a hard time finding shoes that fit my feet, so I tend to spend quite a bit of money on shoes, but I totally buy the cheapest ones I can get away with. I am way more into comfort than style, but I do like my shoes to be cute. My way of justifying any expensive purchase is that hopefully it will last longer than any imitation product. Hope that helps!!

Lovely Lizzy said...

Here, Rachel Ray is going to give gift certificates away to Crocs. Maybe you'll be lucky.

18+, US, one entry per person. Ends September 12, 2008 @ 11:59pm ET

Prize: (10 winners) Gift certificate good for any pair of YOU by crocs
Tell me if the copying and pasting that doesn't work.
I see sales for crocs online every month or so, so I'll let you know what I see. Good luck.

Lovely Lizzy said...

Didn't work.
This is the link for sure. You may have to copy and paste.

April said...

Those are very cute.

Ben and Melissa Ellis said...

I love Crocs! $50 doesn't seem outrageous to me for a pair of shoes I will keep and wear for a long time. I usually justify spending birthday money or something on them or asking for them as a gift.